Puresight offers another highly rated parental control tool, Surfie, which we can strongly recommend. It comes with all the main features necessary from proper monitoring and control of your kids internet activity. They offer strong monitoring and reporting, including alerts and notification. One is able to set limits on the amount of time being spent on-line. They have a very strong semantic text analytic tool which enables them to identify communication on various chat forums that could be categorized as harmful, abusive or even dangerous. Parents are also able to customize this tool to detect specific words or phrases that are not standard. This feature extends also to Facebook allowing parents to monitor and track all online activity and interactions with their connections. Apart from these features there is central ability to filter and block websites that are inappropriate for your children. Here Surfie offers a very comprehensive solution giving the parent a lot of control not only on defining exactly what topics or categories should be blocked but also what level of blocking should be applied (age sensitive). Its has relatively straightforward and smooth installation and setup and their solution also supports both iPhone and Android. These features combine to provide an extensive solution for parental control and monitoring.